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Shamir predictions for the next 15 years

1. Cybersecurity is terrible, and will get worse.

2. The Internet of Things will be a security disaster.

3. Cyber warfare will be the norm rather than the exception in conflicts.

4. RC4 and SHA-1 will be phased out while AES and SHA-2/3 will remain secure (he expects a SHA-1 collision within the year)

5. Improved factoring and DL algorithns will be found requiring key sizes beyond 2048 (he feels it will not be a fully polynomial algorithm; 4096 should be OK).

6. Elliptic curves will fall out of favour (there’s a very strange current situation with the NSA moving away from it with no explanation).

7. Research will still pour into quantum crypto and quantum computing, as the physics community is geared up to accept large amounts of government money.

8. But there will be no full size quantum computers capable of factoring RSA keys.

9. No-one will use quantum crypto.

10. Governments will not tolerate anonymity.

11. Most people will not demand or expect real privacy; that war is already lost.

12. Tools to fight cybercrime and attacks will further diminish privacy.

13. Bitcoin will fade away but leave a legacy

14. Blockchain will be hyped, but succeed only in limited circumstances.

15. An endless stream of new payment mechanisms will be presented at future Financial Crypto conferences.

Financial Cryptography 2016

Challenges in Secure Messaging

The post-Snowden era has seen a surge of interest in end-to-end encrypted communications as a technical safeguard against mass surveillance. This talk will survey the modern landscape of tools available and discuss challenges in technical and social challenges to widespread end-to-end encrypted communications. The talk will build on the speaker’s experience working with the Electronic Frontier Foundation to promote secure messaging tools and explain their properties to the public, as well as his technical work developing the CONIKS protocol for distributing keys.

Speaker Abstract and Bio can be found here.

Switch off Shanghai

„Switch off Shanghai“ von Tom Schimmeck ist das neue ARD Radiofeature zum Thema Cyberkrieg.

Kommt der „Cyberwar“, der elektronische Krieg? Wird er Kommunikation und Finanzsysteme, Produktion, Verkehr und die Energieversorgung ganzer Nationen lahmlegen? Die Planungen der Militärs für den „Cyberwar“ sind längst im Gange. Hacker sind ihre neuen Generäle. Schon heute greifen sie in staatlichem Auftrag die Computersysteme ausländischer Regierungen und Konzerne an. Ihr Ziel: Spionage und Sabotage. Die USA fürchten „Hackereinheiten“ aus China, die ihre hoch vernetzte militärische und industrielle Infrastruktur lahmlegen könnten. Im Oktober 2014 erklärte FBI-Chef James Comey, China führe bereits einen „aggressiven Cyberkrieg“ gegen die USA, der das Land jährlich Milliarden koste. Das „US Cyber Command“ hat seit 2011 den Befehl zur „proaktiven Verteidigung“ der Nation. Und auch Konzerne hacken längst zurück.

ARD Radiofeature | Mirror

Crypto Won’t Save You Either

Adi Shamir, the ‚S‘ in RSA, once said that „cryptography is bypassed, not penetrated“. In the light of the Snowden revelations about the NSA, various people have proposed using crypto in order to evade NSA surveillance. This talk tries to put that into perspective, looking at ten years of trying to secure things with crypto that ultimately failed, not through anyone bothering to break it but because it was much easier just to bypass it. The lesson from all of this is that you can’t just throw crypto at something and assume that that will make you safe.